Achter stool

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  • Eiche-Schwarz || Oak-Black
  • Walnuss-Schwarz || Walnut-Black
  • Achter stool
  • Achter stool
  • Achter stool
  • Achter stool
  • Eiche-Dunkelblau || Oak-Dark Blue
  • Eiche-Dunkelgrün || Oak-Alpine Green
  • Eiche-Neonorange || Oak-neon orange
  • Eiche-Rot || Oak-Red
  • Walnuss-Dunkelblau || Walnut-Dark Blue
  • Walnuss-Neonorange || Walnut-neon orange
  • Walnuss-Dunkelgrün || Walnut-Apline Green
  • Walnuss-Rot || Walnut-Red

Achter stool

Regular price
inc. VAT + Free shipping to Austria and Germany

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The all-rounder! From the office chair during the day to the coffee table in the evening, it can be used in many different ways. Its range of motion is slightly reduced compared to the Einser stool, which is why we also recommend this chair as a beginner's model. With its unique, three-dimensional range of motion, it is particularly well suited to enabling dynamic sitting.

Our top 3 'moves' for you: 

  • Feathers: wakes you up
  • Rocking sideways: loosens the back muscles
  • Hip circles: loosens the hip region

The Achter is available in different wood and cord colors. The chair is delivered in parts and assembled by you at home. But hey, lacing up the stool is super easy and a lot of fun!


MOWO Studio

Achter stool
Regular price €359,00


Dimensions: W50 / D35 / H46cm

Seating height: 45-46cm (according to weight)

Material: Beech plywood covered with Oak or Walnut veneer

Cord: 4mm PPM Cord

Weight: 3.6 kg

Supported weight: 110 kg

This is how you sit healthy with the Achter stool

Are you tired of stiff muscles and a tense back at the end of a long day at work? Then try dynamic sitting. Dynamic sitting means moving freely and naturally while sitting. This is very easy with the Achter stool. Here are 5 tips for a healthy everyday working life:

1. Continuous micro-movements, such as gentle wiggling, activate the deep muscles that support the torso and relieve the strain on the spine.

2. Larger movements such as wiggling and swinging (from left to right and back and forth) and bouncing activate blood circulation and major muscles.

3. By moving regularly on the stool, ideally every 20 minutes, the circulation is activated and a different muscle group is used.

4. Getting up regularly, ideally once an hour, really gets your circulation going and relaxes your whole body.

5. Try not to sit for more than 6 hours at a time. Take a short walk every now and then and take some time out.


"It's time to revolutionize our concept of sitting. Rigid and static seating options are a thing of the past – our bodies deserve more. In a world where we sit for hours, our seating must support our natural needs. Our bodies are made for movement. It's time for our seating to follow this principle and offer freedom of movement." Lisa Stolz, Founder of MOWO

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Petra F.
Super stylisch und bequem

Habe meinen Hocker nun schon einige Wochen und bin sehr zufrieden mit der Qualität und der Funktion. Am besten gefällt mir sein Design!!

Love it!

Super bequem und langlebig!
Kann stundenlang im Homeoffice darauf arbeiten und sieht auch noch schick aus. Kann ich auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen

Multifunktionshocker mit Stil

Der Achter Hocker ist nicht nur eine sehr bequeme und bewegliche Sitzgelegenheit, sondern kann auch als Fußschemel oder Nachtkästchen verwendet werden. Und wenn eine Person mehr zu Besuch ist, kann man super schnell eine extra Sitzgelegenheit hervorzaubern. Das geringe Gewicht des Hockers, erleichtert außerdem das Hantieren damit. Ich kann den Hocker nur weiterempfehlen :)