No more sitting still, our seats bring movement into your everyday life! Discover now how much fun sitting can be and get moving!

MOWO Furniture - move with wood - the revolutionary way of sitting. Our pieces of furniture are anything but ordinary - a symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality. We break the concept of traditional sitting and transform it into an active, playful experience.

The MOWOs are elastic forms made of wood that move with the body. Elastic wood – what? You read that right: swinging, rocking, tilting, bouncing and wobbling on the finest wood in a minimalist design. Discover the feeling of freedom and lightness when sitting that boosts your creativity and productivity. Ergonomic sitting is fun, it also increases your concentration and improves your posture in the long run!


Customer & Expert Feedback

"The design of the Einser stool offers a creative, playful and innovative solution to the functional demands of our low back. Indeed, the springy and mobile plywood structure allows for the pelvis, and thus the lumbar spine, to bend and twist in most planes, exposing the lower back to all of those movements that traditional office chair normally prevent."

- Thomas Pinna, Osteopath, May 2021

"At first I thought the stool would not hold my weight because I have wide hips but as soon as I sat on it, it felt incredible! Free, I could move and I wasn't afraid of breaking it."

- Sofia, Teacher & Customer, September 2022

"I was looking for a chair for our dining room and office... something that is beautifully designed yet also encourages a straight back to reduce neck and back pain. With MOWO, I automatically sit straight and my pelvis and spine are always subtly in motion and keep my supporting muscles active."

- Tommy Chang, Physiotherapist & Customer, June 2022