Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and more.

The material is so thin, can it hold me?

Yes! A perfectly reasonable question, as thinner materials are not yet common in furniture construction. But this is precisely where our innovation lies! After years of development, we have created an innovative material made of molded plywood that is both strong enough to withstand high loads and elastic enough to adapt to the body. All of our stools are designed for a maximum weight of 110 kg, so if you weigh less, you can be sure that your needs will be met."

Are the stools height adjustable?

No, the individual stools are not height adjustable. Instead, the seat heights vary from stool to stool. For example, our one stool has a seat height of 50 cm and is particularly suitable for people who are 175 cm tall or more. The Achter stool has a typical seat height of 45-46 cm, while the Vivi stool is the lowest at 44-46 cm. The actual seat height depends on your body weight, as the material adjusts accordingly.

Can the one stool be converted into an eight stool and vice versa?

No, although both stools are formed in the same press, they have different cuts and, above all, hole drilling. In order not to compromise on aesthetics and function, we decided to create two separate products.

Will the stools scratch my floor?

No, we have taken care of that. We have included a set of felt gliders in every order, which can simply be applied to the underside of the stool. This prevents the wooden floor from getting scratched. If you have a carpeted floor, for example, these gliders are not necessary.

Can I change the cord color later?

Yes, that's possible! Our products are designed to be easily adapted to new environments and personal preferences. We'll be happy to send you an extra set of cords with your order. Standard colours are free, while special colours are available at an additional cost of 10 Euros. Please contact us by email at and include your order number.

Do I have to tighten my stool from time to time

Yes, that is recommended. Especially in the first few weeks, the cords that hold your stool together can loosen a little through frequent use. Especially with the Einser stool, we recommend occasionally tightening the cords and re-tightening the knots. This way you can ensure an optimal sitting experience.