• Einser stool
  • Einser stool
  • Einser stool
  • Einser stool
  • Einser stool
  • Einser stool
  • Einser stool

Einser stool

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oak 1-3 days, walnut 4-6 weeks

Take a seat and move your body. The Einser Stool, our signature stool, offers an unprecedented feeling and redefines sitting. Different sitting positions allow you a variety of movements. Whether it's a gentle seesaw or a wide swing - you determine the rhythm and intensity.

Our top 3 'moves' for you: 

  • Swing sideways: has a calming effect
  • Rocking back and forth: loosens the back muscles
  • Tilting forward on a skid and bouncing: makes you feel good

The CC Einser is available in different wood and cord colors. The stool is delivered in parts and assembled by you at home. Lace up is super easy and fun!

Pssst, another ingenious feature: you can choose your favourite lacing pattern! Either go with one of our suggestions or be creative and invent your own design.

Dimensions: W38 / D40 / H50cm

Seating height: 46-48cm (according to weight)

Material: Beech plywood covered with Oak or Walnut veneer

Cord: 6mm PPM Cord

Weight: 3.6 kg

Supported weight: 110 kg

Cord colour

Create your unique stool and choose from a variety of cord colours. If your favorite colour isn't there, just write us a comment in the check-out area and we'll try to provide it : )