Vivi bench

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  • Vivi bench
  • Vivi bench
  • Vivi bench
  • Vivi bench
  • Vivi bench
  • Vivi bench
  • Vivi bench
  • Vivi bench

Vivi bench

Regular price
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Our Vivi bench is an interior piece that adapts flexibly to any room and situation. Thanks to the innovative cord hinge, it can be fanned out like an accordion for use at a rectangular or round table.

But that's not all! You can add endless elements and determine the length yourself. And if you ever need a more flexible solution, you can simply divide the bench into individual stools. So you always have the ideal seat at hand.

Here are our top 3 moves: 

  • swing sideways: calms down
  • Bouncing: wakes up
  • Shake your hips: loosens the lower back

    MOWO Studio

    Vivi bench
    Regular price €879,00


    6 elements: W114 / D41 / H50cm
    2 extra elements: W38 / D41 / H50cm

    Seating height: 44-46cm (according to weight)

    Material: Beech plywood covered with Oak or Walnut veneer

    Cord: 4mm PPM Cord

    6 elements: 12.6 kg
    1 extra Set: 4.2 kg

    Supported weight per set: 110 kg

    This is how you sit healthy with the Vivi bench

    Even away from your desk, it doesn't hurt to bring some exercise and fun into your everyday life. People often sit for longer periods of time, especially at the dining table, be it during a long dinner party or while doing homework. It often happens that the dining table is sometimes converted into a desk. With the Vivi bench, you can also spend those times in light exercise. With these 5 tips you can stay fit and agile even while sitting:

    1. Continuous micro-movements, such as gentle wiggling, activate the deep muscles that support the torso and relieve the strain on the spine.

    2. Larger movements such as wiggling, rocking sideways and bouncing activate blood circulation and main muscles. Also try lifting your feet off the floor and balancing.

    3. By moving regularly on the bench, ideally every 20 minutes, the circulation is activated and a different muscle group is used.

    4. Getting up regularly, ideally once an hour, really gets your circulation going and relaxes your whole body.

    5. Try not to sit for more than 6 hours at a time.


    "Es ist an der Zeit, unsere Vorstellung vom Sitzen zu revolutionieren. Starre und unbewegliche Sitzmöglichkeiten gehören der Vergangenheit an – unsere Körper verdienen mehr. In einer Welt, in der wir stundenlang sitzen, müssen unsere Sitzgelegenheiten unsere natürlichen Bedürfnisse unterstützen. Unsere Körper ist für Bewegung gemacht. Es ist Zeit, dass auch unsere Sitzmöglichkeiten diesem Prinzip folgen und Bewegungsfreiheit bieten." Lisa Stolz, Gründerin von MOWO

    MOWO wurde mit folgenden Preisen ausgezeichnet oder in die engere Auswahl genommen.