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Aera mat

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A must have! It comes in 3 standard sizes but can also be made in a custom shape and measure. 

Mini is the smallest of our standard sizes and consists of 5x5 elements. The small cushions are suitable for sitting comfortably on the floor. Two or more 'Minis' can be quickly and seamlessly connected to form a day bed.

Lounge is a mat with 5x9 elements. With the corresponding armchair frame, it can be easily assembled into the Aera lounge chair.

Relax is a mat consisting of 6x8 elements. With the associated bench frame, it can be easily assembled into an Aera bench.

Aera elements are made of molded beech plywood. The cord color can be selected individually. Each element is linked by hand in our workshops and delivered ready to use.

Aera products are made to order and ship in 2-3 weeks.

Mat Mini - W88 x D88 x H9cm
Mat Lounge - W148 x D88 x H9cm
Mat Relax - W163 x D103 x H9cm

Material: Molded beech plywood

Cord: 2mm PPM Cord

Cord colour

Customise your mat and choose one of three amazing cord colours.