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Aera is our award-winning mat made from "woven" molded plywood that flexes slightly to adapt to body shape and weight.

The mat can be used in many ways, as a seat or bed on the floor. The Aera mat is particularly suitable as garden or beach furniture on soft surfaces such as sand or grass. Mounted on a metal frame, it can also be converted into a bench or lounger for indoor and sheltered outdoor use.

Thanks to a flexible cord connection, the mat can be bent, compressed and stretched. Larger elements can, for example, be rolled up on a wall. All Aera elements can be seamlessly connected so that, for example, two small Aera Minis can be converted into a daybed.

Aera products are made to order and can be made in both standard and custom sizes and shapes. Each element is assembled by hand in our workshops and delivered ready to use.